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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in my area?

Yes! We spend tens-of-thousands of dollars every month in different types of markets across the country. This is R&D is preformed to ensure you always have the highest converting ads, offers and systems.

Is this pay per lead?

No! We strongly dislike the pay per lead model! We want clients to own their marketing system not be held prisoner by lead companies that just sell shared leads.

What is the one-time cost?

The system cost is a one-time payment of $2497. We do have Payment Plan options available... but once you pay for the system, you own it for life and never have to pay a lead vendor or marketing company ever again.

Does this work for teams & companies?

Yes! We have a number of features and resources that allow teams/companies to successfully operate using our system.

What's your guarantee?

If you use our system and don't close a deal, we will give you a full refund + $1500 as long as the refund requirements are met!

Does this integrate with our system?

Yes! Everything we with a number of different platforms. If it connects to Zapier, we can connect to it.

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